Sprint Coaching Package

A fast way to get transformational change

Hi, I’m Simon. I have been working with business leaders as a coach for over 12 years. I look forward to meeting you soon.

The Sprint Coaching Package

Sometimes we just need a quick fix. Something that will help us to overcome a specific obstacle or challenge and help us to keep the focus on what we need to remain focused on.

The Sprint Coaching Package is designed for this and offers coaching support over a short time period in a focused and accountable way.

We will meet each day for 3 weeks, first thing in the morning. We will help provide focus and a place to explore your desired outcome. 

What you get

Initial briefing pack

The initial briefing pack has been designed to help you self navigate to the core of the challenge or problem that you want to work on. The document that this part of the process delivers will be used during the first meeting on Day One to facilitate understanding of what the real issue is.  Included in this briefing pack are details of how we work, as well as the links to book up the week long coaching sessions.

Fifteen day focused sprint support

You are opting into a daily one to one meeting every day for a 3 week period working on your identified goal based objective. We will meet slightly longer on Day One, Day Seven and Day Fifteen. (21 mins on Day One, Day 7 and Day 15, 7 mins on other days)


You will receive support via email to assist in achieving your challenge each day

Who this is NOT suitable for

Tyre kickers

If you want the work done for you, this is not the programme for you. We will not take your notes, or complete your actions for you, although we will hold you accountable for agreed actions.

People not willing to commit

You are committing to a fifteen day programme where you will be challenged, tested and probably feel uncomfortable.

What next?

Order Process

On placing your order online, we will send through a custom booking link that you can use to start your journey. You will also receive a link to our online onboarding tool. This has been crafted to help you think about what you want to get a quick change on.