Sprint Coaching Package First Steps

Thank you for your purchase of the Sprint Coaching Package. 

Step 1 – Watch your email.

Over the next few days you will receive an email from us with some details of how we work. We call this a ‘contract’ and is an important part of our coaching relationship. This document contains information about how we treat the confidentiality of the discussions, as well as other important ethical practices that we adhere to.

Please do sign this electronically when you have read and agreed this. This is a painless process and enables you to move to step 2.


Step 2 – Book a start date. 

Please have a look at your diary and look at the online booking system below. Choose a start date that works for you (it will ideally be Monday) and book this. You will then receive a confirmation within 24 hours that this is a good start date.

Step 3 – Complete your onboarding ‘homework’. 

We need to start from a position of understanding. To help this, we have crafted a short online questionnaire for you to complete. Please do allow some time to do this, and similarly, be prepared to be challenged. We want you to start thinking about where you are starting from and what the challenge is that you want to work on.

This will form the basis of the first meeting – the one you have booked in step 2.